Family Photos at the Lake

A mother hugs her son around his shoulders while both smile at the camera for their Colorado family photos.

The water was calm and smooth as glass while the sun cast its golden glow over the lake. In other words, it was the perfect evening for a family photo session in Colorado! I met Jordan in 2021 when I did her first set of family photos. She and her family were such a joy to work with the first time, so I was pleased to hear from her again earlier this year to schedule her second photoshoot. For her first session, we met in Golden where we had beautiful views of the mesas and historic buildings. This time, we picked a location on the water’s edge that was both breathtaking and serene.

Jordan and her son, Degan, have a beautiful bond and their sweet pup, Dilly, completes the trio. Each of them was a dream in front of the camera and they were also an adventurous bunch! This mother and son pair were such great sports getting their feet wet in the ice-cold, late-March water for a couple of shots.

Jordan loves to cook and is also making a difference in others’ lives through human resources, and Degan is a talented musician. Their sweet pup Dilly loves being close to his family and enjoys finding twigs and sticks to chew on! Together they’re taking on the world and it was an honor to capture this moment in their lives on camera.

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