Mini Sessions vs. Full Sessions: Which Is Right for You?

A mom kisses her baby's forehead as he looks at the camera.

Your favorite, local photographer is offering mini sessions and you can’t decide if you’re going to book a full session or if you’ll book a mini session while they’re available. Below you’ll find advantages of both types of sessions to help you decide which is right for you! (Keep in mind that the offerings mentioned in this blog are what I typically offer at this time, not what other photographers are offering. Offerings vary by photographer.)

Advantages of mini sessions:

Mini sessions typically last 20-30 minutes and you’ll get 7-10 images. You will also only pay a fraction of the full session price! If you’re not looking for an extensive gallery and are on a budget, mini sessions are a great option.

Do you have young kids? If so, mini sessions might be your bread and butter for family photos until they’re a little older. Kids aren’t always thrilled about taking family photos. If you can shorten the experience for them, it could be a win-win situation. You get the photos you want, and they can get back to playing faster. 😉

If we’ve never worked together, mini sessions also give you a chance to see me in action without committing to a full session. You’ll get a glimpse of what a session with me would be like and the photos you get will be your own personal sample of what I deliver.

Advantages of full sessions:

Mini sessions are only offered a couple of times each year (if that). I do not offer mini sessions in my regular packages. So, what does that mean for you? It means that you won’t be able to book the session whenever you want. The dates, times, and location will be announced, and if it doesn’t fit into your schedule, you’ll miss that round of minis. Full sessions can be booked throughout the year in any season, and you’ll have a say in your session location!

What kinds of personalities do your children have? Are they bubbly and outgoing? Or are they quiet and reserved? If your child takes awhile to warm up to other people, you might get better results from a full session. Giving them more time to get to know me will allow us to coax them out of their shell slowly, and hopefully, we’ll get smiles before the sessions is over! 🙂

If you’re looking for a larger gallery with more variety, a full session would be a better option for you. Full sessions range from 60-90 minutes and offer more flexibility. We can walk around the session location to find different backgrounds and have more time for different angles.

Do you want to include your pets in your family photos? Then I would recommend a full session. It can be tough to get animals to look directly at the camera (especially when everyone else is also looking at the camera). The more time we have when it comes to working with animals, the better!

I hope that information helps you decide which type of session is best for you! To book your session, head on over to my ‘Book Me’ page!

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