• Mom and dad sit together on the steps of historic schoolhouse in Golden, Colorado with their young baby on mom's lap.
  • One-year-old girl laughs and smiles as her parents swing her by the arms between them.
  • Little girl laughs and smiles while her dad holds her and tips her upside down.
  • A family consisting of grandparents, their kids, and their grandkids, holds hands and walks toward the camera while smiling.
  • A family of four poses in a field in front of an historic schoolhouse.
  • A young girl looks over her dad's shoulder and smiles big at the camera.
  • Photo of a family at a mini session walking through a meadow looking and laughing at each other.


  • Husband leans his head against wife's temple as she smiles at the camera.
  • Boyfriend and girlfriend embrace and are caught on camera right before a kiss.
  • Boyfriend and girlfriend kiss each other in the mountains of Colorado with yellow fall leaves in the background.
  • Mom and dad go in for a kiss at a family photo session and mom is caught laughing right before the kiss.
  • Husband twirls his wife as they dance together in front of the mountains in Boulder, Colorado.
  • Husband hugs his wife around the shoulders and they laugh together.
  • Husband and wife hold each other close and smile at each other.
  • Wife laughs as her husband holds her close and kisses her cheek.
  • A couple is caught in a kiss in a field while the sun glows behind them.
  • A man stands facing the camera and smiling with his hands in his pockets while his wife stands at his side holding onto his arm and leaning her head on his shoulder.
  • A husband and wife are caught right before a kiss in a field.
  • A husband twirls his wife in the field in front of an historic schoolhouse.
  • A wife looks over her husband's shoulder as he faces away from the camera with his arm around her waist.
  • An engaged couple is caught on camera right before a kiss.

Individuals & Seniors

  • A senior girl sits with her knees up and her arms around her knees on a Colorado mountain trail.
  • A senior girl holds the brim of her hat with one hand while the other rests in her pocket as she smiles at the camera.
  • A senior girl smiles at the camera in front of a field of wildflowers.
  • A senior girl stands in front of her horse as he wraps his neck around her and she smiles at the camera.
  • The wind catches a senior girl's skirt in a Marilyn Monroe style.
  • A senior girl stands side by side with her horse and smiles at the camera.
  • A young woman stands in front of her horse and looks back over her shoulder at the camera.
  • A young woman sits on her horse with a flowing dress and looks back over her shoulder while the suns sets behind them.
  • A young woman has one hand on her horse's nose and looks lovingly at him.
  • A woman stands in a lake in a tulle skirt as she looks back over her shoulder.
  • Senior girl stands next to her horse and looks over her shoulder.


  • Husband and wife kiss with their hands on the baby bump surrounded by fall colors.
  • A pregnant woman surrounded by fall colors looks down at her baby bump.
  • Pregnant woman shows off her bump from the side with one hand on her belly and the other on her back.
  • Mom and dad smile down at baby bump while dad leans his forehead on mom's temple and both have hands on the belly.
  • A couple stands forehead to forehead and hold a balloon that reads, "It's a Boy" during their gender reveal session in Colorado.
  • A couple is blurred in the background caught in a kiss while the focus is on a phone they're holding which displays an ultrasound photo.
  • Pregnant woman in a sunflower field smiles at the camera.
  • An expecting mom places her hands on her growing belly and looks lovingly at it as she stands near a stream in the mountains of Colorado.

A nursing school graduate smiles at the camera in her graduation cap with a stethoscope around her neck.

“Tori was incredible! I am so happy with all of my photos and the session itself was so smooth and relaxed- and you can really notice that in the photos.”

-Claire H.

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