Sunset Horse & Rider Session

Sunset Horse & Rider Session

In 2021, I loved all of my sessions and clients, but this particular session was one of my favorites. I really enjoy horse and rider sessions, so when this client’s mom reached out to me to book a session as a gift, I was thrilled! The client and her family were so gracious, kind, and were a joy to work with. On top of all that, the weather for this photoshoot was PERFECT. I could not have asked for better conditions! There was no wind, we had a thin layer of clouds that disappeared in time for sunset, and the temperature was mild. If you’re also considering bringing your horse to a session, keep reading to find out why you SHOULD!

1. Horses add variety and visual interest

Horses add a lot of visual interest to the photos because there are so many poses and detail shots that would not be possible without them. For instance, you can ride your horse, lead your horse, kiss your horse on the nose, and the list goes on. Some of my clients like to change outfits. For this shoot, the client brought two (one casual and one formal). We were able to get different poses that fit the style and function of each outfit. If you don’t want to change outfits, that’s OK! Bringing your horse will help add the variety that a second outfit would bring to a non-equine session.

2. You love your horse

Horses and riders spend a lot of time together and have a special bond. It makes sense that you would want to include your horse in your session! Just like with family (or other pets), it’s nice to have photos together that you can hang on your wall or put in an album. Years from now, you’ll be happy you have some images to look back on!

If you are thinking about taking photos with your horse, DO IT! You’ll be so happy you did. And don’t forget to bring some of your horse’s favorite, attention-grabbing treats!

Bonus Tip:

If you would like to take pictures on your horse in a dress, make sure to test the lining of the dress. Although the top layer of a dress may be flowy, the bottom layer could be tight. You want something that either has a loose liner that will lay nicely when you’re on the horse, or you want a dress that has a top layer that is not sheer. That way, if the liner of your dress is bunching up, you won’t be able to see it under the top layer. 🙂