Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Creative Gender Reveal Ideas

Andrew and I recently found out the gender of our baby and it got me thinking of fun and creative gender reveal ideas! Being a photographer, I wanted to take photos to send to our friends and family once we found out. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with an excited text to friends and family that reads, “It’s a…”. We just wanted to send something fun with the news! 🙂

A couple holds a bunch of pink and blue balloons behind them as they go in for a kiss during their gender reveal photoshoot.

If you’ve browsed Pinterest, or any other social media platform, you may have seen pink and blue smoke bombs or confetti poppers. Both of those options are really fun ways to reveal the gender of your baby, but there may also be plenty of reasons why neither of those are for you. So, perhaps you could give some of these options a try:

1. Photos with Letter Balloons

This was my favorite option, so this is what we chose for our own gender reveal. The balloons were easiest for us to use in photos, especially when I have the camera set on a timer and am running from the tripod to the shot in heels. 😉 While confetti poppers and smoke bombs have a WOW factor, they also have a short lifespan. With balloons, you don’t need to buy in bulk to get lots of variety in your posing. Balloons have a longer lifespan, which gives you time to relax while transitioning from one pose to another!

2. Play Darts with Paint-Filled Balloons

Fill some balloons with pink or blue paint and play darts! Just be sure to attach the balloons to a sturdy surface that you WANT to get paint on. Black balloons are great for this option because you can’t see the color of the paint through the balloon, so it really will be a surprise when the balloon pops!

3. Have a Tasty and Colorful Treat

Is there a SWEETER way to reveal the gender of your baby than colorful cupcakes? If you love to spend time in the kitchen baking up a storm, you might make these yourself if you already know the big secret. But, if you want to be surprised too, purchase from a local bakery and have a friend or family member order pink or blue filling—or ask your sonographer to write down the gender, place it in an envelope, and give the envelope to your baker.

4. Light a Gender Reveal Candle

Say you do want to know the gender, but not at the doctor’s office. You can sit at home with your partner, sip a hot cup of tea, and find out if you’re having a boy or a girl in a cozy and relaxing environment. As the candle burns, the color of the wax will change! Now, where do you find one of these? Etsy! (P.s. This is a fun gift to ship to the grandparents-to-be if they live out of town and wouldn’t otherwise find out in person!)

5. Give Your Dog a Gender Reveal Dog Toy

If your furry and loyal companion loves ripping apart plush toys, this can be a fun, and funny, way to find out what you’re having. The toy is filled with pink or blue stuffing and gives your pup a chance to participate in the excitement! If this sounds like the right choice for you, just pop ‘gender reveal dog toy’ into the Etsy search bar. 🙂

Whether you have a party or not, find out with friends and family or privately, be sure to celebrate and have fun! Your pregnancy is such a special, and short (even though it doesn’t always feel that way), time in your life. I hope these creative gender reveal ideas help you find the right announcement for you! And, be sure to take pictures! You don’t have to hire a photographer to document those memories—but if you do, I would love to help you. 🙂 If you would like to inquire about a gender reveal or maternity session in Colorado, you can fill out my contact form here. And if you want to follow along on social media, click the social icons below. To get the latest updates and exclusive offers, you can join my mailing list at the bottom of my home page. Keep scrolling to see more images from this sunrise gender reveal session in Colorado!